James is an Aussie and Karen is a Chicago girl. They fell in love in the Windy City, moved to Australia and decided to return to Chicago for their wedding. They  hosted their family and closest friends at Room 1520. They were married on a day when the leaves started to fall and the air became significantly cooler. However, they embraced the quick changes in temperature and strolled through Lincoln Park, stood on the rocks on Lake Michigan and enjoyed some final portraits on the rooftop of their venue-complete with the moody Chicago landscape. It was so sweet to see people gather from around the world to support James and Karen, as they committed to each other, laughed at old memories, ate delicious food and danced like no tomorrow. It was an honor to be a part of it all.  chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0066chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0067chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0006chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0074 chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0080chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0082chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0039chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0043chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0077chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0079chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0047chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0050chicago-romantic-fall-wedding_0078