Elisabeth and Børge are from the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are a small cluster of 18 islands north of Scotland and about halfway between Iceland and Norway. As you drive down winding roads, views of vast snow covered mountains, steep waterfalls and small fishing villages  nestled between stark stretches of landscape, come into view. Sheep are everywhere which makes sense, because it is said there are more sheep than people.

If we could sit down with you over a hot cup of coffee, we would tell you that not only are the Faroe Islands breathtaking but Elisabeth and Børge are two amazing individuals who welcomed us into their homes, their sweet families and their loyal community of friends. We sat around many tables sharing fish dinners, history lessons, humming to Faroese music, sipping tea, playing with babies and hearing about two people falling in love. And then the wedding. A wonderful celebration full of authentic life, faith and community.