Ben and Devon are dear to us because they happen to be our family. Their wedding in Costa Rica is something that will always be in our hearts, something we think about with warmth. Our family of three boarded a plane, leaving our icy city behind to join in on one of the most intimate celebrations we have ever been a part of. Devon’s family and our family…that was it. 18 people in all. We spent the week leading up to the wedding walking down jungly paths, cooking big family dinners, splashing in salty waves in the hot sun, sweaty bus rides, singing Happy Birthday to our our now 80 year old grandpa, exploring small towns looking for florists and pastries and nights out eating fresh meals with all the papaya and pineapple you could ask for. After a week of two families spending intentional time together, Ben and Devon stood on a veranda over the ocean and spoke their solemn vows full of passion, humility and love. Wow, we were honored to be there as guests and honored to be there to capture their love.