We are Tony and Sharon Hughes

We are married (since June 2010) and live in Chicago, IL. We love hanging with our two ramblin’ boys, biking around our neighborhood, enjoying impromptu dinners with friends and family, sipping coffee in inspiring spaces, traveling around the world, attempting to speak Spanish…and did we say hanging with our boys?

Our decision to start a photography business in 2008 grew out of our passion and appreciation for the medium of photography. Tony carried a camera on him throughout his college years taking photos for friends, portraits of strangers and for his yearbook. Sharon brought her film camera overseas and loved the door it opened for interacting with people. We have since grown to love the opportunity to work together and witness many couples commit their love to one another in marriage.  In fact, meeting couples is probably the best part of our job.

We have photographed many weddings (and engagements and families) and have learned a lot about what goes into a wedding day.  We love the emotion and sacredness of the ceremony, telling portraits, strong architecture, light, interactions with  grandparents, candid moments between friends and families, anything having to do with little people and all the thought through details you incorporated. We love the story. We hope that the couple’s we work with will feel like they can worry less and focus more on the most important part of the day: marrying the person they love.


Our source of inspiration & creativity is the life-giving reality of Jesus Christ.

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have for your wedding, portrait, or event photography needs.

Photo Credit: Jill Devries