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Elly & Aaron| Wintry wedding in Calgary

Last week we traveled to Alberta, Canada to shoot Elly and Aaron’s wintry wedding. We weren’t the only onesView full post »

Kelly & Will |Blackstone Hotel Chicago Wedding

We often leave weddings with a deeper appreciation of life and those we get to experience it with. Will and Kelly’View full post »

Sarah & Nick | Art Revolution Wedding

Nick and Sarah were married last month in Chicago.Thanksgiving is a week to reflect and Nick and Sarah are one reason weView full post »

David & Kelly | Architectural Artifacts Wedding

You may want to grab a cup of warm apple cider for this one. David and Kelly were married last month in the midst ofView full post »

matt & lacey | Vineyard wedding in Nauvoo, IL

Matt and Lacey celebrated their wedding in a way that was personal, intimate and tied to their family heritage. Lacey&#View full post »

Dan & Alissa | Muskegon Wedding Photography

Alissa and Dan were married last month in the lovely state of Michigan, in Alissa’s hometown. Michigan has thisView full post »

Gustav & Ann | Civil Ceremony Chicago Cultural Center

Earlier this month, I arrived at the University of Chicago early on a Saturday morning to photograph a very specialView full post »

Wedding photographs on the Grand Staircase at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Lauren and Michael | Wedding at The Art Institute of Chicago

Mike and Lauren were married at the Art Institute of Chicago last month. What a gorgeous space. The light, the lines andView full post »

Matt & Mary K. | South Shore Cultural Wedding

Matt & Mary K were married last month at the South Shore Cultural Center and we were honored to watch the day unfoldView full post »

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